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Timber or MDF?

Timber kitchens have traditionally been used in the Americas and largely are still used. However that is changing as technology with producing MDF advances further. As MDF kitchens are fairly new to the Caribbean region it is important to understand the advantages, hopefully we help to answer these below.

MDF Doors

´The combination of different woods and adhesives allows for a sturdy product

´Modern engineered wood alternative

´Better on the environment as it doesn’t create off cuts in production

´No cracking or warping

´Paint is more consistent on MDF than on natural wood

´Available in larger sizes than natural wood

´Long lasting

´Easy to keep clean

PVC Wrapped MDF doors

´Due to the chlorine content of PVC, mold spores find it hard to attach themselves unlike timber doors

´Chlorine is also a fire retardant, PVC is harder to burn than wood

´The wrapping of the door keeps moisture out

´Sprayed doors allow a better consistency of paint than painted timber doors

´Easier to keep clean than timber

´Timber doors can split and warp with differing temperatures and are prone to termite infestation and mold

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