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The Modern Kitchen

The use of the kitchen has changed over time. It used to be a functional room where the cooking alone was done, therefore traditionally the kitchen was a very simple room in the house. Fast forward to 2019 and the kitchen has become the center of the house. Not only do we cook in there but we also hang out there, we gather as a family and it is very much a focal point of the house. Because the way we use or kitchen has changed the way it is made has had to change. Unfortunately here in the Caribbean we have been limited with more traditional kitchens, with very little innovation. We have to either have a local carpenter build the units for us, or we have traditionally bought from the USA. But the USA has not moved ahead with kitchen innovation in the same way that the Europeans and British have and we find that many of their kitchens look the same, are dull with no innovation.

It's time for that to all change, and at X-Quisite Caribbean Kitchens we bring you a variety of styles, colors and innovation. We also have cabinets in many different sizes so that we can design your kitchen to maximize space and minimize wasted space.

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