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Kitchen Design - Health and Safety - Gas Hobs

When it comes to your kitchen, health and safety is of the upmost importance. All of our kitchens are designed to the high standards that are required in the UK and although there may not be so strict regulation in the Caribbean (or USA) markets we will ensure that your kitchen is as safe as possible and abides by these standards.

One of the biggest issues that we see in the region is how gas hobs are positioned. With gas hobs having an open flame it is imperative that safe distances are kept between walls, units and the hob itself. We see how kitchens in the region are designed to have their hob right next to a wall - this is a fire hazard and is a big no, there must be a safe gap. There are also restrictions in the UK of how close your wall units can be to the open flame and we will ensure that the safe distances are adhered to without compromising the aesthetics of the design. You need to think about what you will be doing behind the hob as well. We recommend that you either have a splash-back made of glass or stainless steel to protect a wall painted with non-flammable paint or you use non-combustible tiles. We will also supply you with heat reflective tape which will go between the hob and the unit itself.

If you are having a cutlery drawer below the hob, you need to be mindful of the required safety distances between hob and the drawer that are recommended by your hob manufacturer. These gaps are not just for clearance of the drawer but also to allow for air to circulate properly. You should pay special attention to this especially if you intend to have a thin worktop.

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