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Budgeting For Your Kitchen

To avoid cost overruns it is important to set yourself a realist budget for your new kitchen project. Some questions to ask yourself:

What do I want in my kitchen? What do I really need in my kitchen and how much do I want to pay?

Your budget needs to include:

· The cost of the cabinets

· Cost of countertops

· Cost of appliances

· Cost of sink and tap

· Cost of having your old kitchen removed and new kitchen fitted

· Any electric, water or gas pipe work to be done

· Tiling and plastering

· New windows or altering of the room such as taking walls down between rooms

· Duties and local taxes

· Leave a little bit extra to the side in case of any unforeseen circumstances

It is very hard to give an actual price prior to designing your dream kitchen as it really does depend on what you are putting into your dream kitchen, for instance more drawers will cost more than using mainly doors. We will give you some guides below for your budgeting purposes, however it is possible that we would be able to give you savings from the prices noted below. The prices below are based on our Premium RTA (Ready To Assemble) cabinet range, we do also have super premium range, these kitchens are going to be quite a bit more expensive mainly due to the cost of shipping as these are fully built units. In our super premium range there are over 2000 cabinet combinations and over 2000 different colors available as well as some different styles. All prices are USD and as noted are a guide price.

8 Cabinets $4,499

10 Cabinets $5,499

12 Cabinets $6,399

14 Cabinets $7,399

(inclusive of shipping)

Contact us for your enquiries.

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