X-Quisite Caribbean Kitchens

Personalized design and supply of quality modern kitchens to the Caribbean region at affordable prices

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. We embrace this and with our innovative modern styles we make it look amazing but also ensure it is practical and safe.


Just A Few Of Our Creations

handless periwinkle.png

British Shaker Style

We were tasked with maximising space with minimal wall hanging units. To the right of the design in the towers we have a fridge and a freezer with further dry storage between them and the oven in a tower. We added a functional island creating ample work space for the client.

handless pebble.png

Handless Kitchen

This client was looking to get a modern looking kitchen in his very space restricted space. He needed to have a washing machine and is an expert when it comes to wine. He is now a very happy customer

Shaker lava.png

Handless Kitchen

Another sleek and modern looking kitchen with an integrated fridge/freezer. We have maximised storage without cluttering the kitchen with cabinetry. We have also been able to give this customer plenty of workspace for preparing those family meals


Our Services

We specialize in designing kitchens for Caribbean homes. Our team of designers will create your dream kitchen, we will have it produced and shipped to main ports across the Caribbean region.

Contact us today so that we can help you with your dream kitchen


Why X-Quisite Caribbean Kitchens?

  • A number of years experience in the design of modern functional kitchens

  • Access to the best kitchen manufacturing technicians

  • A number of years of experience of the Caribbean

  • British made and designed to high European standards

  • High quality

  • Large range of cabinet sizes and configurations to ensure that space is maximized and your kitchen is as efficient as possible

  • Packaged properly for sea voyages to the Caribbean

  • Up to 2000 different colors available in our premium ranges

  • These kitchens are produced in a factory with a 2 million square foot capacity in the UK

  • We arrange the shipping for you

  • Personalized service


“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”



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Now with offices in Antigua, BVI and UK

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